The Giesen W6A Coffee Roaster is the perfect model to use in a roastery or coffee bar. With a roasting capacity up to 6 kg. per batch it is the starting model to roast coffee professionally as you will have the perfect combination of functionalities, capacity and size.

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Capacity : 0,5 – 6 kg green beans
Power : 1 X 230V / 2 X 110V (USA) / 50 or 60 Hz
Gas : Propane and Natural / 19.2 kW
Exhaust : 1 X Ø 150 mm
Weight : 450 kg
Certificates : CE

Where to place the coffee roaster

The Giesen W6A Coffee Roaster can be placed in the back, but because of its appearance it is also a very good solution to place the machine directly in sight of your shop or roastery for customers to see. Measuring 1,34 x 0,72 x 1,74 meter this model remains compact and can easily be placed in a middle-large shop. The roaster needs with all components 1 square meter place inside your facility. The exit of the cooling tray can be turned from the front to the side when this suits your situation better. In this way you can take advantage of the high decorative value of the coffee roaster on top of the excellent roasting capacity.

Capacity of the Giesen W6A Coffee Roaster

A very valuable feature of the Giesen Coffee Roasters is the presence of two different fans. One is situated inside the drum and will distribute the hot air during the roasting process. The other fan is situated in the cooling tray for the cooling process directly after the roast. Because of the presence of these two different fans it is possible to roast and cool simultaneously, which increases the productions capacity and output of the Giesen W6A Coffee Roaster up to 24 kg. per hour.

Controlling the Coffee Roaster

The Giesen W6A Coffee Roaster can be controlled in two different ways. The standard way to control the roaster is manually via the control panel. It is also possible to control and set up the machine semi automatically via the Roast Profile System, which is an (optional) software system installed on an external laptop or touch screen. With this system it is possible to record and replay a roast with the related settings, enabling you to maintain the same quality levels for multiple batches.

Colors and options

The Giesen W6A Coffee roaster is very appealing to look at because of its traditional appearance. It owes its artisanal image mainly to the design and use of high quality materials like cast iron. This is the perfect material to retain and distribute the heat evenly over the coffee beans. Like all Giesen Coffee Roasters, it can also be customized in a different color. The standard version of the roaster is black, but you can choose any other RAL colour of your desire. This enables you to personalize your coffee roaster in a unique way. To match the colours of your company logo for example or even the interior of your shop. For the roof you can choose between stainless steel or brass hammered.