1 capsule container
1 capsule blend
capacity: about 280 Caffitaly System capsules or 300 LB-type capsules 
1 coffee beans container
5 powder containers, 4 on the main plate
and 1 on a revolving support
1 sugar container on the door
3 mixer or 2 mixer and a tea spiral
2 brewing units: 1 for capsules and 1 for beans

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Atlante Evo 700 CapBean is based on the Atlante platform, of which it maintains all the main characteristics; it is the latest Saeco technical development, using both coffee beans and capsules, of the LB type or Caffitaly System, to brew coffeebased drinks. Inside the machine there are a capsule search/ orientation rotor, a conveyor system and a dedicated brewing unit, for easy and effective capsule management. Thanks also to the 5 powder containers, the machine can brew a wide variety of drinks, like the systems designed for the medium-to-large size freestanding Hot machines sector. Atlante Evo 700 CapBean goes perfectly with the Artico L snack & food vending machine. Atlante Evo 700 CapBean: Heart of Coffee. We are partnered by the best coffee roasters: Lavazza, for OCS, Caffitaly, with a proprietary capsule, and Covim, that adopted an LBtype capsule.