Innovative and professional, suitable for domestic use, this espresso coffee machine is named DUETTO because its capacity to manage separately both steam and coffee delivery with a dual boiler system

Included accessories:

  • Ergonomic 58 millimeter portafilters: one single and one double
  • Stainless steel blank disk for backflushing
  • Matching tamper with stainless steel base
  • 3 steam tip options
  • Drain kit
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IZZO ALEX DUETTO IV PLUS N is available to buy in increments of 1

It can work with a water tank or can be connected directly to the water net with an automatic drain pipe. 
It is equipped with an E61 group, a professional and noiseless pump and a thermo regulation managed by a PID with an elegant blue illuminated display.


  • New PID with integrated shot timer
  • External pump adjustment in the bottom side panel
  • New steel parts - mushroom valves and gicleur
  • Relocated motor position to mount above the pump, resulting in a quieter performance
  • Heating element access for service without disassembling the machine
  • Drain plugs in both boilers
  • Group has been raised and the drip tray is slightly smaller for additional cup clearance
  • Magnets have been added to hold drip tray in place more securely
  • E61 Lever Action Grouphead: A commercial quality grouphead that helps greater ensure temperature stability.
  • New PID: Temperature control for both boilers plus integrated shot timer.
  • Dual Boilers: 1.8 Liter insulated copper steam boiler and .8 Liter group boiler.
  • Tank or Plumbed: Rotary pump and 2.4 Liter water tank with lever control to switch between direct-plumbed and reservoir which can be accessed by removing the cup tray on top.
  • All-Stainless Construction: Including double-walled outer frame, now with no gap around top rim.
  • Other Details:

    • Two pressure gauges, one for steam and one for the group
    • Two red lights to indicate power to group or steam boilers
    • 1200 Watt heater for Steam Boiler and 800 Watt heater for Group Boiler
    • New polished metal feet
    • Low Water Sensor
    • Vacuum Breaker Valve that diverts steam back to water tank
    • Over Pressure Valve sends water back to drip try if the pump pressure gets to high
    • 15 or 20 Amp operation (Standard is 20, while 15 can be programmed through PID and requires converter cord listed in options when adding to cart)
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